“An indelible Image- Jan 2018”

A monthly blog series of one of my most favorite image every month. This is post 1 of a 12 part series.

That evening I was, as usual sitting in front of the heater and working on my laptop. The weather was cold and I dreaded going to the kitchen to prepare my dinner.

Suddenly there was a messenger pop up. One of my friend, asking me for a suggestion. She wanted to go to some place quiet and secluded for her 26th Jan holiday and asked whether Auli would be a good place. I was like, the whole of Delhi is going to crowd Auli on that Republic weekend and to avoid it at all cost.

Then she suggested another place, a place which I don’t want to name. Now this place is remote, I mean really remote and difficult to reach even in summers and rains. So when she asked me I was concerned and asked her if she was prepared enough to do this trek in winters. She was like yes she is and suddenly I had a light bulb moment.

See this place has been on my radar for a long time now. I have been to this place multiple times, in rains, in spring and in summers. The only time I have never been to this place is in the peak of Winters. I had this plan for more than 3 years and because I was afraid of how harsh the terrain is going to be (also I could not find a crazy enough partner?), I had avoided going here.

Hesitantly I told her of the above  and asked if we could do this together. She immediately said yes, and I was ecstatic. My dream was finally coming true.

In less than 10 days we were together on this trek. To put a long story short, we did complete the trek. If I say the experience (and place) was beautiful or amazing or splendid or gorgeous or blissful or any other adjective this language has possibly come up with, I would be disgracing the experience (and place). The place was so angelic and the snow cover looked so virgin and seraphic, I avoided stepping on the snow. It was like, if I stepped on the snow I would be ravaging the blissful beauty of this place. I was overwhelmed with emotions and happiness, so much so that I was in tears all the time.

I made a number of shots, each more beautiful than the other. To categorize one to be better than the other would be something that I can’t humanly do. But for the sake of this blog, this is one of my most favorite shots of this trip.

An indelible Image- Jan 2018 - A monthly blog post series

The way this soft carpet reflected the golden light this evening, was like a nature’s blessing.  A blessing that was exclusive to me and my soul only.

As far as the composition is concerned, I went down to my knees to go almost eye level with this line, leading to the right.  Since I was shooting at 10mm, was very close to the ground and had focused on the foreground, I used an f-stop of f/9 to have a reasonable depth of field in the whole frame.

If some of you are wondering why I didn’t go for something like f/16 of beyond for the star burst effect. It’s because the star burst on my 10-18mm is not exactly what you would get on a costlier glass e.g. 24-70 f/2.8 or so.

Hope you like the image and story.

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Aditi Kandari Reply February 8, 2018

Indeed an indelible image… ☺️

praveen February 9, 2018

Thank you so much Aditi, really appreciated.

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