Crested Kingfisher- Kedarnath WLS

I am preparing a checklist of birds seen around my area (Kedarnath WLS) and will continue doing so till….. well forever . These are are birds which i have been able to record in the past few days.

I intend to update this list whenever i have an addition to the  list.

1. Common Sparrow
2. Russet Sparrow
3. Grey Bushchat
4. Cinereous Tit
5. Green-backed tit
6. Black lored Tit
7. Black-throated Tit
8. Streaked Laughingthrush
9. Striated Laughingthrushe
10. Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush
11. Red billed blue magpie
12. Common Myna
13. Grey-hooded Warbler
14. Grey-breasted Prinia
15. Common Stonechat
16. Spotted Forktail
17. Little Forktail
18. Black-chinned babbler
19. Grey Treepie
20. Jungle Crow
21. Large Billed Crow
22. Himalayan Bulbul
23. Red-Vented Bulbul
24. Black headed Jay
25. Eurasian Jay
26. Oriental White eye
27. Rock Pigeon
28. Brown fronted Woodpecker
29. Grey Headed Woodpecker
30. White Capped Redstart
31. Plumbeous water Redstart
32. Brown Dipper
33. Common Kingfisher
34. Crested Kingfisher
35. Kalij Pheasant
36. Hill Partridge
37. Grey Wagtail
38. Slaty headed parakeet
39. Blue Whistling Thrush
40. Spotted Dove
41. Asian Barred Owlet
42. Rufous Sibia
43. Great Barbet
44. Himalayan Woodpecker
45. Ashy-throated Warbler
46. Black-faced Warbler
47. Rock Bunting
48. White throated Fantail
49. Striated Prinia
50. Rufous breasted Accentor
51. Rufous bellied Woodpecker
52. Bar Tailed Treecreeper
53. Himalayan Griffon Vulture
54. White Tailed Nuthatch
55. Rusty checked Scimitar Babbler
56. Long Tailed Shrike
57. Lemon rumped Warbler
58. Black Redstart
59. Mr Goulds Sunbird
60. Rufous Georgeted Flycatcher.
61. Whiskered Yuhina
63. Black-faced Warbler
64. Black Bulbul
65. Yellow-billed Blue Magpie
66. Long-tailed Thrush
67. Bar winged flycatcher shrike
68. Whistler’s Warbler
69. Blue-fronted Redstart
70. Himalayan Bluetail
71. Spot-winged Rosefinch
72. Green-tailed Sunbird
73. Yellow-bellied fantail
74. Blue-throated Barbet
75. Lesser Yellow-nape
76. Bar-throated Siva
77. Chestnut bellied Rock-thrush
78. Rufous Treepie
79. Oriental turtle dove
80. Steppe Eagle
81. Black Kite
82. Plum-headed Parakeet
83. Snow Pigeons
84. White-browed Shrike Babbler
85. Small Niltava
86. Himalayan Swiftlet
87. Scaly Bellied Woodpecker
88. Slaty-backed forktail
89. Red-headed bullfinch
90. Chestnut-bellied Nuthatch

91. Common rosefinch

92. Oriental Honey Buzzard

93. Black Francolin

94. Verditer Flycatcher

95. Golden Bush Robin

96. Ashy Drongo

97. White-browed Scimitar Babbler

98. Yellow-breasted greenfinch

99. Spotted Laughingthrush

100. Wallcreeper

101. Fire-capped Tit

102. Yellow-browed Tit

103. Chestnut-headed Tesia

104. Scaly-breasted Wren Babbler

105. Indian Paradise-flycatcher

106. Scarlet Finch

107. Shikra

108.Red headed Vulture

109. Lemon-rumped Warbler

110. River Lapwing

111.Fire-breasted Flowerpecker

112. Mountain Hawk Eagle

113.Variegated Laughingthrush

114. Greater Yellownape

115. Black-eared Kite

116. Hodgson’s Stonechat

117. Spot-winged Grosbeak

118.Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher

119. Ultramarie Flycatcher

120.White-collared Blackbird

121.Grey-winged Blackbird

122.Speckled Piculet


The list is in no ways a complete record, i have recorded these species in less them 3 kms radius around my house. I can only imagine what wealth i am yet to experience 🙂 .


Deepak Reply January 7, 2017

Fantastic! I think you are lucky to live in this rich area of birds.I hope people around you are aware and human greed is not destroying the beautiful environment.

praveen January 9, 2017

Thanks, fortunately for most part, people here live in harmony with nature. Also this is a protected area and even cutting a tree requires special permission from the forest department.

Sudipta Reply April 21, 2017

Please put in the photos of these birds – that would be of great help for amateurs like me. The photo that you have posted must be of Crested Kingfisher ?

praveen April 21, 2017

Yup, it is a Crested Kingfisher. I don’t have shots of all the birds. Also putting all images in a single blog would make it excruciatingly painful to load. I have put images in different blogs Also you can google with the names to see those birds.

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