My Year 2017-Five Stories

“My Year 2017 in five Stories” It’s January 2018 and as I sun bathe on this cold winter day, i am reminded of my various experiences (both warm and cold) of the year 2017. I did not travel as much as I would have liked to the previous year. But travel I did, and these […]

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Blue-fronted Redstart Kedarnath WLS

Bird Checklist Mansoona- Kedarnath WLS (Winters/Spring)

I am preparing a checklist of birds seen around my area (Kedarnath WLS) and will continue doing so till….. well forever . These are are birds which i have been able to record in the past few days. I intend to update this list whenever i have an addition to the  list. 1. Common Sparrow […]

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Bird list- Trijuginarayan

TrijugiNarayan- Bird Checklist (Dec 2017)

Below is the checklist of the birds, i was able to see/hear in the 2 days that i stayed in Trijuginarayan. Himalayan Bulbul Black Bulbul Red-vented Bulbul Blue Whistling thrush Himalayan Bluetail Common Sparrow Russet Sparrow Slaty-headed Parakeets Kalij Pheasants Golden Bush Robin Streaked Laughingthrush Variegated Laughingthrush Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush Common Myna Jungle Crow Red-billed Blue […]

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Kedarnath- The story of an Image

Kedarnath- The Story of an Image

This is a story, a story of an image, which took me more than a year to shoot. This is the story of how I was finally able to shoot one satisfactory shot of Kedarnath peak. If you remember, last year I posted a shot of Chaukhamba with a small house along a ridge (shot […]

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Landscape Wall Calendar- 2018 (Sold Out)

SOLD OUT!!!! Thank you so much for the response, 2018 year’s wall calendars are now sold out. Desk Calendars are however available, please contact if you want the same at  As i did last year, i have prepared Wall calendar for the year 2018. This calendar contains 12 of my favourite landscape Images. Printed […]

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A Himalayan Monal, My Purse and a Dog- A Miracle story

A Himalayan Monal, My Purse and a Dog

The title may at first glance seem strange, really strange. I mean how a Himalayn Monal, a Purse and a Dog could have any connection whatsoever. But believe me they do, these three together make for something that I (or anyone reading) could not deny being a miracle. First of all what is a miracle, […]

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Telephoto-Adding magic to Landscapes

The tenderness of feeling a snow clad mountain peak bathed in golden light, experienced in person, is an emotion impossible to replicate. We human beings, however have an innate longing to capture our emotions in whichever way we can. This longing pushes us to write poetry, to paint, to sing and quite recently, to capture […]

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Coffee Mugs- Bird Image List

Below are the images, which can be printed on your personalized Coffee Mugs. All the images below are cropped as per the Mug specifications, meaning this is how they will be printed on the Mugs. Image 1   Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 9 Image […]

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Chaukhamba- Pristine and divine

Today’s article is about the stunningly majestic and divine Chaukhamba Article 33 of “Story of the Day” Series. No matter how much-soever we imbalance our environment by consistently doing things which we are not supposed to do, nature has a way of bouncing back. Most of these are, unfortunately devastating to us humans. Yet we […]

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Story of the day-Blog 32 - A short blog about shooting this circular Rainbow

Rainbow- The Circular One!!!!

Today’s article is about this stunningly beautiful Circular Rainbow Article 32 of “Story of the Day” Series. EXIF: Camera: Canon 550D Lens: Canon 18-55mm@18mm Shutter speed: 1/640 Sec f-stop: f/9 ISO: 100 Aperture Priority Evaluative Metering. You all for sure know that to see a rainbow, the sun has to be behind you and water […]

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