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In this 3 part series, i will share with you images that will be printed on my calendar for the year 2019.Here, i will try to describe in short stories behind all the shots, my travel experiences and how things came together to make the shot happen.
These calendars are available in both Wall and Desk sizes. Please send me a mail at creativepraveenphotography@gmail.com for details

So without any further adieu, let me present to you the second instalment of the 12 images.

Image 5 and 6

Image 5: The image on the left is of the 4th peak of Chaukhamba. I recently purchased my 10 stop ND filter and this image was taken right from outside my house with my 400mm lens. This was the month of September, and the weather was finally beginning to clear after two months of torrential rains. Sun had just set and beautiful slow moving clouds were crowning the majestic peaks of Chaukhamba. Putting on my 10 stop ND filter and low light enabled me to get a shutter speed of around 1 minute, resulting in beautiful cloud movement, around the peak and on the clouds above it.

Image 6: The image on the right was taken late in the month of August at Panar Bugyal. This was one of those trips where anything that could go wrong, went wrong. I spent 4 nights in the Rudranath valley, and for 3 nights, it rained as if the rain gods were specially waiting for me 😉 . I spent the days drenched in rains most of the time and sitting besides fire at night, hearing the rains battering down on the fragile tin sheds at night. This was the only morning, when the weather finally cleared. Looking desperately for compositions, i came across these beautiful flowers overlooking the valley below. The strong colour contrast of the yellow flowers, the lush green forest and the white clouds floating in the valley below, all add up to make this shot, one of my favourite shots from the otherwise washed up trip.

Image 7: Imagine trekking with a tent, two -10 Degree sleeping bags, full camera kit, sleeping mattress, fleeces and jacket in an 80 litre backpack. The total weight adds up to more than 10 Kilos at least. Add to that several patches of knee deep snow and a trek of 15 Kilometres up hill. That is what it took for me to witness this divine sunset this evening. The snow was untouched and frankly I was so mesmerised with the beauty, that the thought of walking in the snow, made me feel that I will be ravaging this beauty. So without disturbing as much as I could, got down to my knees and took the above shot. One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever witnessed in the Himalaya.

Image 8: As the weather gets colder in the Himalaya, so does the visibility and the colours man, the colours!! The colour one experiences in winters is something that, unless you have it in your experience, it will seem like a fairy tale to you. I could write a whole article about colours, but that is for another day. This morning at Chandrashila, we were here long before the actual sunrise. The colours to the west and south-west were something indescribable. I imagined these rocks in the foreground as leading lines, pulling me strongly into the valley below, the yellows, the oranges, the magenta’s, the greens and the multitude of blues all adding to the divinity of nature.

Watch out this series for the next 4 image in the series.

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