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In this 3 part series, i will share with you images that will be printed on my calendar for the year 2019.Here, i will try to describe in short stories behind all the shots, my travel experiences and how things came together to make the shot happen.
These calendars are available in both Wall and Desk sizes. Please send me a mail at creativepraveenphotography@gmail.com for details

So without any further adieu, let me present to you the final instalment of the 12 images.Image 9 :

As the first rays of the morning sun kissed the peak of Kedarnath to the right, and the clouds rolled like a cotton ball over the mountain ranges far below, this lone tree seemed to stand as a lone sentinel, protecting with all its might the serenity and divinity of this piece of heaven before it. Also I think it adds a beautiful foreground to the otherwise predominantly low contrast image.

Image 10 :This was one of those mornings, when nature unfolded before us in the absolutely beautiful way it could. The month was September, the morning very still, the valley below engulfed by massive sheet of white and not a whiff of air to disturb the sleepy morning. The only thing that seemed to be moving was the cattle grazing leisurely in the vast bugyals below and these clouds, that flowed as a milky river over the bugyals. A moment etched in my memory, my soul and heart for ever.

Image 11: The stretch from Ukhimath to Mansoona, is home to numerous view. The perspectives of Chaukhambha and Kedarnath, change at every turn. Along this stretch is a patch, less than 100 Meters in length, when one gets the above view. While travelling through this particular patch, I have always imagined, how beautiful this would look in evening light and if I could capture it with my telephoto lens. So one winter evening I planned for it, trekked some 2 Kilometres from the nearest village, reached this spot and was able to witness something more beautiful than my imagination had thought it would be.


Image 12 : Now this October, we spent 3 nights in Tungnath, shooting, tahrs, monals and landscapes. The first morning when we came to chandrashila, the weather was as clear as it could be. And though the colours were out of this world, and I shot multiple shots that morning, because of absence of clouds, the shots seemed to lack something. On the third morning, as we woke up there were some clouds scattered here and there. Again we headed up for Chandrashila well before sunrise, and the clouds in the valley below, added the much needed oomph to the same shot.

This concludes my  3 part wall calendar series images, if you would like to order one, do contact me on the email address given above.

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