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In this 3 part series, i will share with you images that will be printed on my calendar for the year 2019.
Here, i will try to describe in short stories behind all the shots, my travel experiences and how things came together to make the shot happen.
These calendars are available in both Wall and Desk sizes. Please send me a mail at creativepraveenphotography@gmail.com for details

So without any further adieu, let me present to you the first 4 of the 12 images.

Image 1 & 2

Image 1:
The image on the left is taken from above the temple of Tungnath. If you have been to Tungnath, you of-course know about Chandrashila peak (Approx. 4000 Meters). On this day instead of going to Chandrashila, i decided to explore a different spot and in doing so arrived at this spot. The sunset today, because of the clouds, was the warmest i have ever experienced in all my travels in the Himalayas (barring peak winters ofcourse  ). It was early October and except these, all the flowers on the bugyals had wilted. Coming up to these flowers, i noticed how gorgeously backlit these were from the last rays of the evening sun. Lying down on the ground, underexposing the shot just a bit and using a flash to get some details in the foreground, i made this shot. I have been to this spot multiple time since, but never again have i witnessed such beautiful arrangement of light and flowers.

Image 2:
The only time me and my brother Gaurav, could manage to explore this beautiful bugyal of Gorson was in peak rains. Since we were on a tight budget, we packed up all the aloo Parathanas, bananas and butter we could for a 3 day’s trip. The bugyal, accessible after a long and tiring trek of almost a day from Joshimath, is in itself spread over an area of several square kilometers. Over the next 2 days we ran up and down several kilometers over these divine pastures. If you have ever eaten a cold Aaloo paratha, you can surely imagine how we survived for the next 2 days  . This was one of the evenings when weather gods were fortunately very kind to us. The cattle in the foreground provide a scale as to how immense the landscape was, add to that, the sunlight, the clouds and lush green landscape made for me a beautiful image.

Image 3 & 4

Image 3: One of my friends called me late on a chilly December evening. The conversation that ensued, helped my fulfil a dream. A dream that i had been planning for 3 years, but could not do because i was unable to find someone crazy enough to accompany me. Well it all changed that night, and in less then a month, we were here, camping in the bugyals in the peak of Winters. Since the snow was waist deep here, we set up our camp some 1 kilometers from this spot. On this morning, waking up well before sunrise and trekking all the way up i reached this spot. The area was, as far as the eyes could see frozen and covered with snow, and not a soul except me, to experience the wonder that was unfolding infront of me this morning. As the sun was rising , i went down to my knee and made this shot. Imagine listening to the most soothing song that you love and seeing this unfolding in front of your eyes, that is what i sort of experienced this morning.

Image 4: The Image on the right, well its a living proof that anything is possible, if you are willing to believe in it. So this day i reached Joshimath, i was unwilling to book a vehicle to go to Auli and decided i would trek from Joshimath to Auli, shoot the Sunset and come back to Joshimath late in the night. An idea that would sound insane to anybody, who has been to Auli. I mean the forest between Auli and Joshimath is only home to Himalayan Black bears and what possibly could they do to me😁😁. So solely on faith, i started my trek to Auli, fortunately mid-way this bike waala gave me lift to Auli. Trekking some 500 Meters up the slopes of Auli, i came to this man made lake. Shot the sunset till it had bid goodbye to the Himalayan peaks, and then in pitch darkness began my trek back to Joshimath. If i say i was scared, that would be an understatement. But then, if one has faith, something or the other always works out. This time a bike waala stopped for me, and on me answering that i was going to Joshimath walking, he looked me as if i was a mad man. Anyways that good man, gave me a lift and i was back to Joshimath in 30 minutes flat.

Watch out this series for the next 4 image in the series.

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