Munsiyari, Chaukori- Birding Travelogue

Munsiyari, Chaukori- Birding Travelogue After being diagnosed with Typhoid on 2nd of Jan 2016 (a perfect new year gift 😛 ), the whole of Jan was spent eating (rather drinking 😉 ) lintels for lunch and dinner, and porridge soup as breakfast. How fondly i remembered the delicious cake i had just one day earlier on New […]

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Most Memorable Landscape Images -2015

In continuation from my previous post of “Most Memorable Wildlife Images from 2015”, today I would like to share with you some of my “Most Memorable Landscape Images from 2015”. As before memorable does not necessarily mean the most beautiful ones, but the ones which provided me with unforgettable experiences. So here’s the list in […]

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Most Memorable Wildlife Images- 2015

The year 2015 was a year of scary changes, tremendous learning and of phenomenal personal growth for me. I am thankful to god for making me experience the divinity of Mother Nature in such beautiful ways. From the never ending beautiful treks in the forests of the Himalayas, to the million colours of pristine sunrises […]

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A Brown-headed Gull, note the active space towards the right side of the frame for the bird to fly in and some breathing space all around the subject.

Rules of Composition- Photography

“Rules intimidate, Tools on the other hand liberate” I don’t know where that came from, I think I read it somewhere, but I tend to agree with it. Talking about rules, let us today discuss about some “Rules of Composition” or should I say “Tools of Composition” 😉 . Technically speaking, “Composition means placement of […]

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The above Image of Maa Nandadevi was shot at an effective focal length of 640mm, there was a small cloud forming over the peak and I wanted that cloud significantly in the frame, can you imagine capturing that with a wide angle lens!!!!

Shooting Landscapes with a Telephoto

A wide or an ultra-wide image of a natural landscape, or/and a man-made object wherein, the foreground, the mid-ground and background are arranged in a particular way and are in sharp focus, which is what we normally conceive of, whenever we think of the word Landscape photography. We sometimes, erroneously also have the notion that […]

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