10 must have Experiences in Chopta, Tungnath

Shooting in Golden Light

A Zillion blogs and articles can be written about the Importance of Light in photography and it would still be insufficient to emphasize how invaluable it is to making good Images. In continuation from my earlier blog, today I would like to discuss the importance of, and the impact which “Shooting in Golden Light” can […]

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Shooting Birds at Eye Level

The above Image of the Himalayan Monal was taken one early Morning as the sun was just rising. The tree, the early morning light, the colors of the bird and the Background which was far far away, coupled with my  Telephoto Canon 400mm f/5.6 lens resulted in this shot. We all have at times seen […]

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Shooting Moonlit Landscapes

Night Landscapes can broadly be classified into two types. The first would be wherein we intend to make Star trails or shoot the Milky way, which would be best done on a Moonless night, or when the Moon has set or not risen. The second would be when we intend to capture landscapes lit by […]

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Vedni 1

Tarry along the sleepy Vistas of Bedni Bugyal

The month is September, rain gods have emptied their dark clouds filled with water, every stream now resembles a river, green moss has enveloped branch of every tree and the forests now resembles a dark green world, with a cloudless, hazeless, beautiful Blue as the background. All along the jungle path we see multitude of […]

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Rudranath- Home of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is referred to as Bhole Baba  (the innocent one), one who gets angry very easily and at the same time the one, who when approached with love and a clean heart makes one’s impossible wishes come true immediately. He is also referred to as God of Gods and none is supposed to be […]

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Himalayas- Some Facts, Myths

I have been in love with the Himalayas ever since i was a small kid. Not many people know that i stayed for some 5 to 6  years in my village before i moved to Mumbai for my studies. I always yearned to come to my hometown during those 2 months of School Holidays. Thousands […]

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Himalayas Forever

On 10th of May 2015, a group of 4 of us embarked on a journey towards the high Himalayas. Starting at 12 in the noon, travelling via Rishikesh, Devprayag, and Rudraprayag we reached our destination for the night Saari. Saari is a small village nestled high in the Himalayas at an altitude of approx. 2000 […]

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A Trip Deoria Taal and Chopta- Blog

In the Month of Feb this year, I decided on a Trek to Deoriya Taal and Chopta. Little did I Know that this trip would prove to be the most memorable trips I would ever take. Packing up my bags and tent I left from my house in Srinagar. Travelling via Public Transport I reached […]

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Shooting Star Trails

STAR TRAILS We as human beings have been, for thousands of years fascinated by seeing the night sky. The thousands and thousands of Stars on a clear night, the belt of Milky Way running through the sky like a highway studded with millions of diamonds, has had our Creativity running and we have marked and […]

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