Patience in Nature and Wildlife Photography

Note: This Blog contains Affiliate Links to Amazon, India. Simply put a must have virtue for any one aspiring to getting beautiful, self satisfying Images and making it big as a Nature and wildlife Photographer. Most of the best Nature and Wildlife Images that anyone has ever taken have come after a lot of travelling, […]

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Khirsu, Kartikswami, Deoria Taal- Road Trip

Khirsu, Kartikswami and Deoria Taal- A Road Trip The check list for all the birds recorded in this trip can be accessed here. In most of my planned photography expeditions, I leave the driving part out to professionals. Driving on thin and winding mountains roads, although it invokes a sense of adventure, can be stressful […]

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Bird Checklist- Khirsu, Kartikswami and Deoria Taal

Bird Checklist- Khirsu, Kartikswami and Deoria Taal

In the month of Feb 2016, Creative Praveen’s Photography finished a Birding/Landscaping trip to Khirsu, Kartik Swami and Deoria Taal. For more of our Landscape and Bird photography expeditions do check out our Events page here Below is the Checklist of birds captured during the expedition. Common Teal Common Kestrel Black Kite Himalayan Vulture Griffon […]

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Munsiyari, Chaukori- Birding Travelogue

Munsiyari, Chaukori- Birding Travelogue After being diagnosed with Typhoid on 2nd of Jan 2016 (a perfect new year gift 😛 ), the whole of Jan was spent eating (rather drinking 😉 ) lintels for lunch and dinner, and porridge soup as breakfast. How fondly i remembered the delicious cake i had just one day earlier on New […]

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Most Memorable Wildlife Images- 2015

The year 2015 was a year of scary changes, tremendous learning and of phenomenal personal growth for me. I am thankful to god for making me experience the divinity of Mother Nature in such beautiful ways. From the never ending beautiful treks in the forests of the Himalayas, to the million colours of pristine sunrises […]

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Himalayan Birds of Chopta, Deoriya and Makkumath- A Reminiscence

As we move from Makku to Deoria Taal on a road that has seen the first vehicle in the past 12 hours, flocks of Kalij Pheasants busily chewing on juicy insects and grains cross our path, the air is chilly with temperatures dropping to below 0 degrees at night. Earlier in the morning we were […]

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Shooting on a Tripod

This blog is Part 3 of some of the tips and techniques which i personally consider critical to making good images. Please do read the first two blogs of “Shooting at Eye Level” and “Shooting in Golden light”    Imagine if you will, that you are on a trip to some exotic location (which you […]

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10 must have Experiences in Chopta, Tungnath

Shooting in Golden Light

A Zillion blogs and articles can be written about the Importance of Light in photography and it would still be insufficient to emphasize how invaluable it is to making good Images. In continuation from my earlier blog, today I would like to discuss the importance of, and the impact which “Shooting in Golden Light” can […]

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Shooting Birds at Eye Level

The above Image of the Himalayan Monal was taken one early Morning as the sun was just rising. The tree, the early morning light, the colors of the bird and the Background which was far far away, coupled with my  Telephoto Canon 400mm f/5.6 lens resulted in this shot. We all have at times seen […]

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