Hello Friends

What are dreams ????
Are dreams something you see when u are fast asleep,on your cozy, comfortable couch
or are dreams something you see about, you day dream about every single moment u are awake?
Personally i feel is dreams are something, that when u think about, it takes your breadth away.
 Your dream is your own personal legend, that god wants you to fulfill on this Mother Earth.
Something that makes your life worthy of living, something that u give, rather than u take from others in the process of doing so.
Nanda Ghunti
No matter what one’s dream is, whether Material ,Physical or Spiritual, it is one’s true calling on this planet earth.
Your dream generally has its root in your early childhood, Imagine what you wanted to become ,when you were young, u felt you could do everything,. It could be a Sport You were crazy about, it could be a Person you wanted to become like, It could be like you felt you could make a rocket and touch the Moon, the sun and the stars.
That is how all we are when we are born on this planet, full of dreams, full of hope.
It seems everything is possible,the whole world seems to be in our reach.
Then suddenly we grow up and everything that seemed to be in our reach, everything we had imagined to become when we were small kids, the top cricketer, Football legend, the soccer master, the Marshal arts master, a film super star, everything which we believed was possible suddenly seems as if it is now impossible.
Rudranath Valley
What happened suddenly, what happened to the  faith which we had in ourselves, what happened to our dreams and aspirations.
My FRIEND it was stolen from us, not Suddenly , not by Chance, not by magic.
It was slowly stolen away when we were growing up as Kids.
Some one told  you, u are not good in studies, and as kids we begin to believe them.
Once you failed in a subject at school ,teachers and parents began to label you as a failure, and since we were kids we believed in what they said.
When we were kids, we said we will become a great football player, but then someone told u need Talent to become a great football player, You need Kismat of Fate to become a great football player, and we believed.
When kids we used to think of those richness, those huge houses, those PALACES and the way we would be staying in them once we grew big, but then we were told, you need to be born with a silver spoon in your  mouth to become rich, big and famous.
When kids we used to think, Honesty  has its own virtue, but when we saw our parents, our family doing Dishonest things for us, for giving Bribe to get in to school, Bribe to get in to a good college, we begin to think maybe we are wrong, maybe honesty is not the best virtue.
We used to think that we can reach the stars, the moon and the sun but then we were told that we needed to have super brains if we want to reach the stars and become super engineers and Scientists.
Whenever we told  we wanted to become big, and do great things we were ridiculed at, and we began to believe that we are born to be nothing but to be little in our own lives.
The Mighty Himalayas
Had somebody told us that great things, good things are not done by those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth or those who have super brains or those who disgrace honesty and its virtue.
Had we been told that whatever you believe is possible, what ever it is you want to do is possible for you to achieve.Whatever you believe in firmly and with heart will be yours, Had we been told that hard -work has no substitute . That a average brainer could become the Greatest scientist or The lowest grader can Put a machine together to reach the stars, the One born on the streets could go on to become a King.
Had we been told even one of these things over and over again, the world today, my friend would have been a far better place to live on.
So Friends wherever you are right now, your Dreams deserve the best shot you can give.
Of course when you pick up and follow your dreams you may tread alone on the path, you will suffer more than the people who do not ,but you are on this planet earth to follow the path has god has laid for you, You are here to fulfill your DESTINY
And finally when you are on this path towards your Destiny, you can’t help but be the most happiest person you ever meet, you can’t help but be the most passionate, most loving person out there, and within you hearts of heart you will have a peace that few on this Mother earth experience.


onbac Reply June 23, 2015

Interesting read! Was an eye-opener.

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