Today’s article is about how Failure never fails

Article 31 of “Story of the Day” Series.

Story of the day-Blog 31 - A short blog about how failure never fails


Camera: Canon 7D Mark2

Lens: Canon 400mm f/5.6 L

Shutter speed: 1/500 Sec

f-stop: f/6.3

ISO: 500

Aperture Priority

Evaluative Metering.

Failure is an inevitable part of making it big in this whole thing called life. As a wildlife photographer, my failure rate is almost 70 to 80%. I once had a stretch of, I guess 7 months, when I was not able to make a single bird Image. No matter, what I did, I would always end up empty handed. But looking back, that was the time when my landscape photography blossomed the most. Since, I was not able to make good bird shots, I was forced to shoot something and I ended up practicing a lot on landscapes.

The reason I bring up failure today, is because before making this image, I had failed to make one in more than 2 days. I had traveled to a small village in hope of making some good Bird and mammal images. But could not make a single one in more than 2 days.

On this third day, I left the village at 5 A.M. in the morning and was pretty sure of seeing some mammals. They did not turn up, and after trekking for some 3 Kilometers through forests, I was tired and dejected. The sun was rising, when I came to the road that leads to my home. Villagers at the time were busy ploughing their field, sowing Rice and Mandua and that is when I noticed this patch of fields. The Sun was just hitting the fields and this guy was busy doing his work. Putting on my telephoto I composed this image in a way, that the sunrays divided the frame diagonally, almost in half.  The morning golden rays, make the field look saturated in hues of greens and yellows. This image made up for 2 days failures in a great way.


That’s it for the day, end of Blog 31

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