Today’s blog is titled “Golden Light

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Please do note that these are my personal observations and not necessarily the only way in the world to make better Images. I am sure there must be a million other ways of doing the same thing.

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Camera settings for both shots:

Camera: Canon 550D

Lens: Canon 400mm f/5.6 L

Aperture: f/6.3

Shutter Speed: 1/80 Sec for the first one, 1/60 for the second

ISO: 400

Aperture Priority

“Golden Light” here refers to, how shooting the same subject in varying light conditions can make a world of difference to the end result.

Nature Photography tips and Techniques- "Golden Light"

In today’s blog post, I want to highlight, how shooting a subject in Golden Light can make an image look so much better than the one shot without.

The above Image of a Streaked Laughing-thrush was shot one very early morning in the winters of 2015. Although the sun had risen, and shot at eye level, this area was in shadows and the subject looks pretty dull and uninteresting.

I could not get an proper shot of this bird for a long time after that, until eventually one morning in Rains, this guy came and gave me this shot.

Nature Photography tips and Techniques- "Golden Light"

Can you see the difference, golden light has made to the Image.

As the sun rose from behind the mountains, this guy came and landed on this rock exactly in front of me. The colors here look much more saturated and the Image has come to life. Also notice the catch light in the subject’s eye which was missing in the previous Image.

The golden rays of the rising sun have added magic to this above image.

So to summarize

  • The First Image was shot in dark shadows and looks pretty dull.
  • Shooting the same subject in golden light has added a lot of saturation,and the image looks so much more appealing and beautiful.


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Nature Photography Tips and Techniques- Changing Perspectives | Creative Praveen Reply September 20, 2016

[…] Please do check out the previous blog in the series Titled “Golden Light” […]

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