Today’s story describes my experiences shooting Himalayan Tahrs

Article 29 of “Story of the Day” Series.

Story of the day-Blog 29- Shooting Himalayan Tahrs in the Himalayas


Camera: Canon 7D Mark2

Lens: Canon 400mm f/5.6

Shutter speed: 1/500 Sec

f-stop: f/6.3

ISO: 160

Aperture Priority

Evaluative Metering.

Since the weather is always cloudy and grey I avoid going to high Himalayan pastures in rains. It never stops raining. The roads are broken at several places and the chances that leeches will suck on you is almost a guarantee. This year, however I am going to explore at least 2 different bugyals (Alpine Pastures) for ethereal landscapes and some Mammals. Mammals and Monals, I will be doing something extremely different and hope to get some good results.

The reason I bring up rains is because, the above shot was made in rains. I did not want to go to here and very reluctantly agreed. My brother wanted to camp in the bugyals and i had to go. Glad that I did.

We saw, what in my personal experience the biggest herd of Himalayan Tahrs I have ever seen. There were at least 50 Females and Juveniles. The weather had not cleared for 20 days in a row. This day however, it was different and for that brief window of 30 minutes of so we had clearest weather possible.

These Himalayan Tahrs were also extremely cooperative and allowed me to shoot as much as I could. I have seen these kinds of shots of various mammals a good number of times and was hoping to make one of my own. We waited as this group got to this ridge and started feeding. Totally used to our presence, they kept on feeding without even looking at us.

My brother then made some noise by rubbing our plastic bags. One by one and after some effort, 5 of the 6 finally looked up and I made this shot.

That’s it for the day, end of Blog 29

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