I have been in love with the Himalayas ever since i was a small kid. Not many people know that i stayed for some 5 to 6  years in my village before i moved to Mumbai for my studies. I always yearned to come to my hometown during those 2 months of School Holidays. Thousands of stories have been woven around the mighty Himalayas, every Mountain here has some god and a temple, which makes them even more mystical, be it the story of river Ganga coming from Lord Shiva’s Hair, or be it the story of Lord Rama meditating , or Pandavas traveling to various places in Uttarakhand searching for the way to heaven. I have compiled some of these facts and myths and prepared an Infograph, which i intend to do on a regular basis. Here’s the first one.

Some Myths and Facts about Himalayas

I know, i haven’t uploaded more of these in a long time. I am planning to start them again starting from May 2017 .

I am also incorporating some interesting stories about how birds are named by locals in Garhwal Himalayas.

Do keep out a look out on the blog for more of these.


Thank you



Mohit Goyal Reply January 4, 2017

Hi Praveen,

image is missing.

also, a bit about me. I am a writer (debut book could be seen here – http://www.theroadtrippers.in) and working on my book loosely related to ‘search of heaven’ by pandavas. therefore am looking for interesting information on this subject, especially the spots they cover and some mythical anecdotes about them etc. Would you share from your experiences pl. Thanks buddy.

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