Today’s story describes my experience shooting this Image at Kaalishila

Article 30 of “Story of the Day” Series.

Story of the day-Blog 30- Shooting at Kaalishila in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand


Camera: Canon 7D Mark2

Lens: Canon 10-18mm@12mm

Shutter speed: 1/125 Sec

f-stop: f/6.3

ISO: 640

Aperture Priority

Evaluative Metering.

There is a saying in Garhwal, which when translated to English roughly means “Mumbai’s fashion and Mountain’s weather can change any second” It may be raining and the very next second it is sunshine, the weather could be clear as daylight and then the next instant it could rain torrentially. I am sure everyone, who has come to Himalayas has experienced this at some level.

I was not able to, for some reasons able to focus on my work. My mind wandering in all possible directions. Not able to think straight, I visited KaaliShila one week back. Kaalishila meaning “Rock of Kaali” is a small temple situated atop a Mountain. There is a Mayee (a lady who has renounced all worldly pleasure), staying here since her early 20’s. For some reasons, whenever I meet here, I seem to forget all my worries. We mostly talk about birds, weather and nature. Talking to her, my heart feels at peace and makes me really happy and centered.

So after talking for a while (and feeling good ?), I started exploring the place for some landscapes. Since it was raining all the while, I was hoping to make some mystical images. When I approached this patch, it was all sunshine and clear, and within a span of 10 seconds, the scene changed to as above. There is something really calm and peaceful about experiences like these, which words fail to describe. In this image I intend to capture the feeling of calmness and tranquillity I felt in that moment. The pathway to the right, in my personal opinion, compels the viewer to imagine himself in the scene and experience the feelings in person.

That’s it for the day, end of Blog 30

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