This is a story, a story of an image, which took me more than a year to shoot. This is the story of how I was finally able to shoot one satisfactory shot of Kedarnath peak.

If you remember, last year I posted a shot of Chaukhamba with a small house along a ridge (shot below). The house, the ridge and Chaukhambha were so aligned that the house gave an impression of being right at Chaukhamba (thanks to telephoto compression ?). I wrote a short blog about the same, which can be accessed here

Kedarnath- The story of an Image

The House, the Ridge and Chaukhamba

So there is a Small village called Bedula, situated on a mountain ridge, which lies to the front of Mansoona. When one travels from Mansoona to Ukhimath, some 2 Kilometres before Ukhimath is a patch. This patch of road, less than 100 feet in length is such that, when one looks at Bedula from this patch, it looks as if the village(Bedula) is right in front of the peak Kedarnath.

So I saw this frame, when I was travelling in a bus last winter. The moment I saw the view, I was like, man this needs to be framed in the golden evening light at the earliest. However for some reasons, beyond my comprehension, I was unable to go the spot in all my travels (although I crossed that spot multiple times?). I attribute my not going there to multiple reasons, some being

  1. Not having a personal vehicle to drive to the spot (That spot is 5 Kms from my home)
  2. While travelling in bus, I always had to go somewhere and had lots of luggage
  3. And this light and clear weather lasts only for about 3 months.

This however changed this Sunday, when I stayed at a small village named Phaphanj some 3.5 kilometres from Ukhimath. After shooting some birds in the morning, I was doing a recce for landscapes that I would be shooting in the evening. I trekked high along the mountain ridges, searching for a spot, which would give me satisfactory shots. Although the Himalayan range looked gorgeously beautiful from wherever I looked at it, I was unable to find a frame that really satisfied me (and fit my focal lengths).

Kedarnath- The story of an Image

Mandini Twins, Recce shots

Kedarnath- The story of an Image

Kedarnath Peak- Recce Shots in the Morning 

It was when I was taking in some winter sun, dozing in a chair, when out of the blue I remembered the frame. I wanted to make sure, that I don’t waste my evening for something illusionary. So I walked to the spot (2 Kms) and decided on the exact location for the shot.

When I was convinced this is what I want to shoot, I decided to come back in the evening. Coming back at the spot i shot this single frame for more than 20 minutes in continuously changing light.  I was exhilarated, and although I might have missed making 10 average shots, I made this single beautiful (personally) one.

Kedarnath- The story of an Image

The one Shot that made my trip worth it.


Terleenm Reply December 25, 2017

Wonderful images. Beautiful .. i visited kedarnath but I can’t reach that points. Congratulations Sir. Eagerly waiting for more photos.

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