Today’s story describes a shoot about Maa Nandadevi

Article 25 of “Story of the Day” Series.

Story of the day-Blog 25- Maa Nandadevi, the Divine One


Camera: Canon 7DM2

Lens: Canon 400mm f/5.6 L

Shutter speed: 1/800 Sec

f-stop: f/8

ISO: 640

Aperture Priority

Evaluative Metering.


More than vast landscapes, close of Himalayan peaks fascinate my imagination. So whenever I go to any location, I always prefer telephoto over my wide angle. The reason being, I am fascinated with how massive and majestic the peaks look when seeing them in close up. The Huge glaciers and massive chunks of ice, wants me to just go there and touch them. It also makes me realize how infinitely minuscule I am, and so are my problems. It leaves me in awe, every single time i see it. I am like, what happened that such beauty was created, by whosoever created it.

Since I go to Kartikswami every month (except in Rains), shooting Nandadevi is one of my favorite things to do. I am very fortunate to see Maa Nandadevi in various hues and colors and love being able to witness them in person. A Zillion Hues of Pinks, Reds, Gold, Purple, yellows and blues, you name it and I have seen them all.

This evening, however was very different. Today was the first time that I saw lenticular clouds forming over Maa Nandadevi. Nandadevi was the only peak today that had this particular cloud cover. The rest of the peaks were almost without clouds. I was ecstatic on seeing such patterns and fired off till it was almost dark. The cloud pattern here, to me looks like nature is crowning Maa as the queen of the Himalayas (Which she is). Of-course the golden light in the scene is totally divine, which makes Maa feel heavenly. Have shot at f/8, because that is the sweet spot of my lens. Sweet spot is the f-stop on your lens at which it is the sharpest.


That’s it for the day, end of Blog 25

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