“My Most Memorable Landscape Images 2016 “

Today I want to share a little secret with you. If some of you do find my images to be good and want to know how I am able to come up with images, I will tell you exactly how. No this has nothing, I repeat nothing to do with the EXIF (OK, a little maybe?).

This has absolutely everything to do with how I feel (read you feel) when shooting at the location. Most of my personal best images are made on instinct. Whenever I go to a place, I have a broad idea what I am going to shoot. When I reach the spot though, I shut down my intelligence, and let my emotions take over. I take in the place, I feel the place, and I inundate my mind and senses with emotions of joy and happiness. The rest simply happens.

That’s it, that’s all how I make images. No real secret there isn’t it?? ??

So today I want to share some of those memorable moments with you in the form of Landscape Images I made in the year 2016.

So here’s the list in no particular order

  • A Divine Moonrise

Most Memorable Landscape Images 2016

When you do something unexpected, unexpected things happen with you. Exactly what we experienced this evening here. We were supposed to come here a day after, but preponed our visit by a night. I believe our stars this day were perfectly aligned to witness something like this. Believe me when I say this, this is not 10% of the magnificence we experienced that day. We were discussing landscape compositions, when suddenly out of nowhere saw the moon peaking from behind the peak of Changabang and Kalanka. I was literally stunned by the sight, I was on a wide angle then and instinctively knew I had to put on my 400mm. Boy, was I moved to tears when I saw this through my viewfinder and thanked god like a zillion times. This one literally tops my most memorable experiences of the year 2016.

  • Clouds Oh clouds!!!!

Most Memorable Landscape Images 2016

I always believed going to high Himalayas in rains was a very bad idea, due to heavy rains and grey clouds all the time. All this changed when I visited Chopta in the month of July with my brothers. We camped midway between Chopta and Chandrashila. Amid heavy rains, started trekking at 3AM in the night and reached Chopta at around 4 AM (still raining). We had zero hopes of seeing the sunshine, but for the sake of it continued trekking. Reached Chandrashila well before sunrise and this day the weather cleared (a bit), for us to see the sunrise and these amazing clouds.

There were these beautiful flowers blooming all over and the landscape seemed to be carpeted with various colours. When we reached Tungnath for breakfast, we learned the weather had cleared (though this briefly) after 25 days ? . Going forward, I am going to these places in rains every year. ??

  • Rhododendrons

Most Memorable Landscape Images 2016

Never in my life had I imagined seeing a view like this. Never had I imagined that Rhododendrons could look so beautifully amazing. Until that is I saw this view. The month was April and we were trekking up some high Himalayan slopes. There were literally hundreds of trees which had bloomed at the same time, the whole path was carpeted with flowers. I felt as if we were welcomed here, at the same time I felt terribly sorry for I thought that maybe, we were a blotch to this otherwise virgin landscape.

  • Maa Nandadevi

Most Memorable Landscape Images 2016

As a mere mortal who loves the Himalayas (and also being a Garhwali), Maa Nandadevi has always been extremely close to my heart. See Maa Nanda is worshiped in various forms, all over the state of Uttarakhand. I have shot Nandadevi peak several times and every time, something about the peak is charismatic, sometimes it’s the  light, sometimes the clouds and sometimes it’s the divinity that renders it god like (maybe it’s my own emotions ?). This day after the sun had set, the clouds over the peak seemed as if Maa Nanda was veiling its beauty under those clouds. The rich colours post sunset added joy, not only to the image but also to my heart.

  • Chaukhamba

Most Memorable Landscape Images 2016

Last year I had the opportunity of shifting my house to wherever I wanted to in the Himalayas. Of-course I wanted a place which has good internet coverage and road connectivity. One of my friends suggested me this place named Mansoona. I had crossed this place twice before while traveling to a different location and never seen Chaukamba from here. My instincts (again) told me this is the place where you should go and I finalized a room, without even seeing it.  Probably the best decision I took this year, now every morning and evening I get to see the majestic and revered Chaukmabha bathed in golden light. This image was made one day when the cloud patterns were simply awe inspiring.

So this concludes my “Most Memorable Landscape Images” for the year 2016.

Would love to hear some of your most memorable photo experiences from the year 2016.

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