Blog 9 of “Nature Photography- Tips and Techniques” series.

Today’s blog is titled “Catch Light”

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Camera settings:

Camera: Canon 7D Mark II

Lens: Canon 400mm f/5.6

Aperture: f/6.3

Shutter Speed: 1/1250 Sec (Both Shots)

ISO: 400 (Both Shots)

Aperture Priority

“Catchlight” refers to the glint of light in your subject’s eyes caused due to reflection of Sun or any other artificial light source.

Nature Photography Tips and Techniques- Catchlight

Catchlight adds depth and dimension to the subject’s eye and makes even an average subject pop out. A subject without Catchlight, no matter how sharp and prettily perched can look extremely dull most of the time.

Let me highlight the importance of Catchlight using two Images of mine as examples. These two images of a Red-vented Bulbul were taken less than 2 seconds apart on the same perch. In the first image the eye of the bird is in deep shadows and although the Bird is well lit, it’s extremely difficult to separate the eye, which is black here, from the similarly colored Forehead, Crown, Nape, Lores and throat of the bird.

Nature Photography Tips and Techniques- Catchlight

In less than 2 seconds it turned its head in a way that reflected the light of the sun from its eye. In less than 2 seconds the shot went from an ordinary boring looking shot, to something that catches the eye.

The difference Catchlight made to both the Images can be pretty evidently seen. While in the first image subject looks pretty dull, the Catchlight in the second Image makes the subject stand out in the frame.

Do look out for this Catchlight whenever you are out in the field shooting Wildlife or even portraits. ?

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Prasad Natarajan Reply December 5, 2016

Patience is everything in wildlife, superb tips Praveen!

Nature Photography Tips and Techniques- Composing a Landscape | Creative Praveen Reply December 20, 2016

[…] Please do check out the previous blog in the series titled “Catch Light” […]

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