Blog 6 of “Nature Photography- Tips and Techniques” series.

Today’s blog is titled “Changing Perspectives”

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Please do note that these are my personal observations and not necessarily the only way in the world to make better Images. I am sure there must be a million other ways of doing the same thing.

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Camera settings for both shots:

Camera: Canon 7D Mark II

Lens: Canon 10-18mm

Aperture: f/9 (First Shot), f/8 (Second Shot)

Shutter Speed: 1/30 Sec for the first one, 1/1000 for the second

ISO: 100 (first shot), 1000 (second shot, was shooting birds the other day and forgot to set it back? )

Aperture Priority

“Changing Perspectives” here refers to how shooting the same image from different angles can completely change the feel of the Image.

Blog 6 of Nature Photography Tips and Techniques titled "Changing Perspectives"

In today’s blog post, I want to highlight how shooting the same Image from different perspectives can totally change the look of the final Image.

Last week while trekking in Valley of Flowers, I came across a bed of these beautiful Yellow colored flowers (Inula grandiflora). They were scattered over a large area in beautiful patches and looked magnificent. I wanted a wide angle shot highlighting them in the beautiful Himalayan Landscape, so I took the above shot.

Although I liked the above , I felt it was just a normal one and could be improved. So to represent the scene before me in a more beautiful way, I began to scan the area for a better composition and came up with this. I was only able to find this composition on a different day though.

Blog 6 of Nature Photography Tips and Techniques titled "Changing Perspectives"

Instead of standing up, I went to my knees and positioned my camera in a way which was almost eye level to flowers. I then took this shot and was amazed at how totally beautiful it looked to the previous one. The bright yellow flowers in the foreground looked stunning in contrast to the blue sky and white clouds. Both these shots were taken within few feet of each other (On different days).

Although i screwed up by taking the shot at an 1000 ISO, my Canon 7D handled the noise extremely well. (A lesson re-learned on always checking you camera……again ?)

So to summarize

  • The first Image was taken standing upright, lacks a good foreground, and fails to make an impact.
  • By going down to the level of flowers, I completely changed the perspective of how the landscape looked. The resulting image looks much more appealing than the previous one.


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[…] Please do check out the previous blog in the series Titled “Changing Perspectives” […]

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