Today’s blog is titled “Get Uncomfortable

Blog 13 of Nature Photography- Tips and Techniques series.

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Camera settings

Camera: Canon 7D Mark II

Lens: Canon 400mm f/5.6

Aperture: f/6.3

Shutter Speed: 1/640 Sec (First Shot), 1/500 Sec (Second Shot)

ISO: 2500 (First Shot), 125(Second Shot)

Aperture Priority

Evaluative Metering

“Get Uncomfortable”

In this blog, I talk about being comfortable to getting uncomfortable (in the field) for making beautiful shots.

NPTAT (Blog 13 )- Get Uncomfortable -Blog by Creative Praveen

Shot sitting

As a nature photographer, I am required to make myself uncomfortable (and to love it too ?) during my shoots. Though extremely grueling at times, especially in the icy winter mornings, getting uncomfortable is the only way I know of making shots that matter. Today I want to demonstrate, by using a very simple example, how getting uncomfortable while shooting can get anyone beautiful images.

So one early morning, as I was about to complete my birding session. I came across this stream of water, which was flowing perpendicular to this road. A Little forktail was very actively hopping and feeding alongside the stream and did not seem to mind my presence at all. Being extremely lethargic ?, I decided that since I have a telephoto lens, I will just sit down and take shots. I thought that with my telephoto lens and enough distance, the image would look like taken from ground level.

Except, that I was wrong and the above is the best I could do that day. Note the edge of the road, which seems to be growing out from the body of the bird. Also the leaves behind the bird appear very patchy, because they were too close to the bird. Also the twigs in the front of bird are extremely distracting and the whole image looks extremely dull (and confusing).

NPTAT (Blog 13 )- Get Uncomfortable -Blog by Creative Praveen

Shot lying down

I finally got the opportunity to shoot this guy after 15 days. My brother came to visit me and as we were exploring a different patch, I noticed this guy feeding on a stream flowing besides the road. Since it was freezing, I was tempted (again ?) not to lie down on the cold road.

NPTAT (Blog 13 )- Get Uncomfortable -Blog by Creative Praveen


Today, however I was determined to make this shot and ignoring the extreme chill, removed my jacket, Binocular and lied down beside the road. This guy gave me a number of shots, this one was the best of the lot. Note that in this image, the background is a smooth, out of focus brown patch (dried grass). There are no distractions in the frame and perched on that stone, the bird stands out. Had i not lied down, the background for this image too would have been the distracting road and flowing water beyond the rock.

This is an extremely mild example of how we as Nature photographers, have to discomfort ourselves, so as to make a decent enough shot almost every time.

So next time, remember that no amount of discomfort experienced is greater (or sweeter) then the image finally produced. ?

Till then…..

Keep stretching, keep shooting, keep growing!!!!

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Soumendra Mukhopadhyay Reply March 8, 2017

Almost in all cases the best angle to shoot. Kudos for your knowledge sharing

HImanshu Reply March 8, 2017

Amazing to what levels you would go to get a perfect shot! Great inspiration Mr Praveen!

Adam Reply April 14, 2017

I like your style man.

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