“Patience my friend Patience!!!!”

A monthly blog series about one of my most favorite image every month. This is post 2 of a 12 part series.

Visualizing a shot, waiting for just the right amount of light, in this case waiting for the perfect amount of snow, choosing the correct angle and spot for shooting and keeping a lot of patience are some of the most critical components that went into making this month’s Image.

Chaukambha offers a very imposing view from my house, and I am always looking for ways to express how magnificent it is, in the form of my images. Last year I made a star trail using my 50mm lens and really loved it. But I really wanted to make a wide angle shot in that same setting, when the opportunity presented.

Patience my friend Patience!!!!

Shot on 50mm last year

So one of my students (in the school which I teach), has her house located, at which I consider one of the best vantage point to view Chaukhamba. One day during rains this year I was talking a walk,and while passing through her house had this idea, that I could probably make a beautiful star trail from her house.

Now for this star trail to be good, I had certain conditions in my head.

  1. Chaukhamba had to be covered in fresh snow, lots of fresh snow
  2. The moonlight had to be good and the weather not too hazy.
  3. If possible I also wanted snow on the mountain ridges to the front of Chaukhamba

I waited, and waited patiently for snowfall to happen. I even prayed to god that, let is snow only when there is proper moonlight??. Now this year, it snowed (very unfortunately) only 3 to 4 times. The amount of snowfall on the snow covered peaks has been good, but for me to take the shot, it had to rain where I was. Because if it snows on the peaks, and not where I stay, the weather would still be hazy and I won’t be able to make that trail.

Now fresh snow looks fresh only for a couple of days and if I cannot shoot it within the first two nights after the snowfall, I had to wait for the next. Plus the moonlight had to be good, so that there was some detail in the mountain ridges to the front.

If you combine all these probabilities, this shot required me to be really lucky and lucky I got some 2 weeks back (Phew! After months of waiting??). It was some 5 days before full moon when it finally snowed and I had proper moonlight and clear weather. After that it was pretty simple, I went to her house, set up my tripod, shot for 2 hours and came up with this star trail which also happens to be this month’s Image. Actually, looking back, i would have hoped for a little less moonlight, that would have been perfect, but one takes what one gets.??

Patience my friend Patience!!!!

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