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A Personal AHA Moment!!!!

Having posted the below image a couple of times on my page some of you might have seen it.

A Personal AHA Moment!!!!!

So why do I post it here… Well when you look at the image today, instead of looking at the majestic landscape, and me standing on that precarious ledge (which by the way is not at all precarious ? ) , look instead at the mountain slope on the left hand side of the Image.

This image was taken in April 2015, and in that moment my mind conceived an idea. An idea of how beautiful a Himalyan Monal would look standing on the ridge, staring right into my camera. I waited there for some 10 minutes scanning the slope to see if there was one . Unfortunately there was none and we moved on (Chandrashila was calling you see ?).

In the Months preceding this day, I traveled to Chopta and Tungnath some 3 times. Staying for days, sometime at Chopta, sometime at Tungnath shooting birds, Landscapes and Himalayan Tahrs. I however, always came back to this rock and used to sit here for hours, in mornings and evenings. Always hoping to get that shot which i had so vividly imagined some months back.

Although I saw the Monal, every single day , sometimes even feeding on the aforementioned slope, it never came to the ridge, leaving me disappointed every single time.

All this however changed when I visited Tungnath last month (July 2016). As me and my brothers descended down from Chandrashila after seeing a beautiful sunrise, we saw a Monal feeding on this slope.

A Personal AHA Moment!!!!!

The first shot i took, although on the ridge, it was far away and the background  all greyed out.

Believe it or not, I was very sure this guy will disappoint me again, and did not even bother shooting it.

We instead went for the Tahrs on a different slope and returned after some 20 minutes or so. The Monal was, to my surprise still feeding on the slope and I felt maybe, just maybe he may give me a shot.  I was still very skeptical though and did not hurry, we just walked casually and I again came and stood on the above rock.

My Personal AHA Moment!!!!!

Approaching the ridge.

Praying to god and actually asking the bird not to fly away, I sat there totally convinced i was not getting the shot…. again!!!!

My Personal AHA Moment!!!!!

On the ridge with its back towards me, leaving me gasping for breath and me desperately praying, please don’t fly away, please don’t fly away ?.

But within 10 minutes of me waiting there, I saw it edging very calmly and slowly towards the ridge. I prayed and prayed and prayed, keeping my eye on the viewfinder, pleading this guy not to betray me now.

Albeit unknown to me things were about to change and they did.

Finally, after giving me so many restless days and months, after eluding me for such a long time, this guy finally decided to give me a shot I was waiting for more than a year.

My Personal AHA Moment!!!!!

That Moment when it all fell in place. Phew!!!!?

It posed as perfectly as I would have hoped for, the greens and the flowers all around it adding to its beauty. It posed for a more than a minute and then, as calmly as it had come, just disappeared down the slope. I was like, wow did this just happen? By far one of my most fulfilling and personal AHA moment in Photography.

I am sure you must be having, and would love to listen to your personal AHA moments where everything just fell in place. Please do mention them in the comments below.

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Hope this Helps!!!!


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