Shooting wildlife with a 100mm- 5 Reasons.

Try and remember the time when you first thought about doing wildlife photography, the first time you thought wow, if only I could shoot amazing wildlife photos. You went and asked people who were already doing it, and I am sure all of them told you the same story. If you want to get into […]

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Curves-Adding Magic in Photoshop

Curves-Adding Magic in Photoshop If you have been shooting Images for some time, you would understand for sure how integral post processing is to photography. If done correctly, it is an extremely powerful tool to fill in the gap between what was witnessed in person to what the camera captured on scene. In the wrong […]

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My most memorable Images of year 2018 (Blog 2 of 2)

My most memorable Images of year 2018 (Blog 2 of 2) I distinctly remember the opening scene of the recently released movie Kedarnath. The scene was of river Mandakini, flowing through the valley of Kedarnath, with temple bells ringing ever so softly in the distance. That scene was less than 15 seconds long, and I […]

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22 Degree Halo or was it!!!!

“How in the hell am I going to complete the trek with this extremely heavy backpack” this was the only thought in my mind as I panted up the slopes towards Madhmaheshwar. The Sun was blazing with all its intensity and quite frankly, though I hated the sweat dripping down my forehead into my eyes, […]

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It’s not about the Image!!!!

” It’s not about the Image” A monthly blog series about one of my most favorite image every month. This is post 5 of a 12 part series. Today I would like to share a small story about a shot, a shot which I took last month in Chopta. It’s not a spectacular shot, in […]

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Patience my friend Patience!!!!

“Patience my friend Patience!!!!” A monthly blog series about one of my most favorite image every month. This is post 2 of a 12 part series. Visualizing a shot, waiting for just the right amount of light, in this case waiting for the perfect amount of snow, choosing the correct angle and spot for shooting […]

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An indelible Image- Jan 2018 - A monthly blog post series

An indelible Image!!!!

“An indelible Image- Jan 2018” A monthly blog series of one of my most favorite image every month. This is post 1 of a 12 part series. That evening I was, as usual sitting in front of the heater and working on my laptop. The weather was cold and I dreaded going to the kitchen […]

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My Year 2017-Five Stories

“My Year 2017 in five Stories” It’s January 2018 and as I sun bathe on this cold winter day, i am reminded of my various experiences (both warm and cold) of the year 2017. I did not travel as much as I would have liked to the previous year. But travel I did, and these […]

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Bird list- Trijuginarayan

TrijugiNarayan- Bird Checklist (Dec 2017)

Below is the checklist of the birds, i was able to see/hear in the 2 days that i stayed in Trijuginarayan. Himalayan Bulbul Black Bulbul Red-vented Bulbul Blue Whistling thrush Himalayan Bluetail Common Sparrow Russet Sparrow Slaty-headed Parakeets Kalij Pheasants Golden Bush Robin Streaked Laughingthrush Variegated Laughingthrush Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush Common Myna Jungle Crow Red-billed Blue […]

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Kedarnath- The story of an Image

Kedarnath- The Story of an Image

This is a story, a story of an image, which took me more than a year to shoot. This is the story of how I was finally able to shoot one satisfactory shot of Kedarnath peak. If you remember, last year I posted a shot of Chaukhamba with a small house along a ridge (shot […]

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