Chaukhamba Hues- My eternal rendezvous with Immortality

So day before yesterday, it rained heavily. There were incessant rain and thunderstorms.  Lightning so intense, every time it struck, it rattled the walls of our homes.  After the Kedarnath disaster of 2013, people in the Himalaya are very wary of thunderstorms and I am sure, most of them spent the good part of the […]

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Curves-Adding Magic in Photoshop

Curves-Adding Magic in Photoshop If you have been shooting Images for some time, you would understand for sure how integral post processing is to photography. If done correctly, it is an extremely powerful tool to fill in the gap between what was witnessed in person to what the camera captured on scene. In the wrong […]

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My most memorable Images of year 2018 (Blog 2 of 2)

My most memorable Images of year 2018 (Blog 2 of 2) I distinctly remember the opening scene of the recently released movie Kedarnath. The scene was of river Mandakini, flowing through the valley of Kedarnath, with temple bells ringing ever so softly in the distance. That scene was less than 15 seconds long, and I […]

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My Year 2017-Five Stories

“My Year 2017 in five Stories” It’s January 2018 and as I sun bathe on this cold winter day, i am reminded of my various experiences (both warm and cold) of the year 2017. I did not travel as much as I would have liked to the previous year. But travel I did, and these […]

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Kedarnath- The story of an Image

Kedarnath- The Story of an Image

This is a story, a story of an image, which took me more than a year to shoot. This is the story of how I was finally able to shoot one satisfactory shot of Kedarnath peak. If you remember, last year I posted a shot of Chaukhamba with a small house along a ridge (shot […]

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Chaukhamba- Pristine and divine

Today’s article is about the stunningly majestic and divine Chaukhamba Article 33 of “Story of the Day” Series. No matter how much-soever we imbalance our environment by consistently doing things which we are not supposed to do, nature has a way of bouncing back. Most of these are, unfortunately devastating to us humans. Yet we […]

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Story of the day-Blog 32 - A short blog about shooting this circular Rainbow

Rainbow- The Circular One!!!!

Today’s article is about this stunningly beautiful Circular Rainbow Article 32 of “Story of the Day” Series. EXIF: Camera: Canon 550D Lens: Canon 18-55mm@18mm Shutter speed: 1/640 Sec f-stop: f/9 ISO: 100 Aperture Priority Evaluative Metering. You all for sure know that to see a rainbow, the sun has to be behind you and water […]

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Shooting Himalayan Tahrs

Today’s story describes my experiences shooting Himalayan Tahrs Article 29 of “Story of the Day” Series. EXIF: Camera: Canon 7D Mark2 Lens: Canon 400mm f/5.6 Shutter speed: 1/500 Sec f-stop: f/6.3 ISO: 160 Aperture Priority Evaluative Metering. Since the weather is always cloudy and grey I avoid going to high Himalayan pastures in rains. It […]

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Aali Bugyal- How majestic can someplace get!!!!

Today’s story describes about some of our experiences in Aali Bugyal Article 26 of “Story of the Day” Series. EXIF: Camera: Canon 550D Lens: Canon 100mm f/2.8 Shutter speed: 1/160 Sec f-stop: f/9 ISO: 100 Aperture Priority Evaluative Metering.   In case you didn’t notice, that speck of Blue in the bottom left hand side […]

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Story of the day-Blog 25- Maa Nandadevi, the Divine One

Maa Nandadevi- The Divine One

Today’s story describes a shoot about Maa Nandadevi Article 25 of “Story of the Day” Series. EXIF: Camera: Canon 7DM2 Lens: Canon 400mm f/5.6 L Shutter speed: 1/800 Sec f-stop: f/8 ISO: 640 Aperture Priority Evaluative Metering.   More than vast landscapes, close of Himalayan peaks fascinate my imagination. So whenever I go to any […]

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